The Insert Headers and Footers plugin for WordPress offers site owners a simple way to install SmartVideo. With over 400,000 active installs, the plugin is well regarded in the WordPress community and is recommended by Facebook. 

Currently, this installation method offers more finite controls and options for the SmartVideo script than our SmartVideo for WordPress plugin.

Account setup:

If you already have a SmartVideo account, scroll down to What happens after I install?

If you do NOT have a SmartVideo account yet, create one for free here. Once registered, you'll be given a unique key to access the Swarmify API. This swarmcdnkey is required to configure your site for video delivery by Swarmify.

Before installing, click the button below to watch a quick walk-through video!

What happens after I install?

After installing our script into your site's header, SmartVideo will begin scanning your site for videos. If you have YouTube videos on your site, they will be automatically converted to SmartVideo.

A video can take up to 30 minutes to convert to SmartVideo depending on the length and resolution of the video file. You will know that a video has been fully converted by SmartVideo when, while hovering over the Video Acceleration icon on the player, the popup box says Video Acceleration: On

If you do not have YouTube videos on your site, our script will do nothing for your current videos; they will have to be manually placed in a SmartVideo tag.

No worries, it's not as difficult as it sounds 😉


1.  Visit the Configuration tab in the Dashboard, follow the on-screen instructions, and copy the snippet to your clipboard.

2.  Install the Insert Headers and Footers WP plugin by searching the plugin section in your WordPress back-end as shown below.

 Once the Insert Headers and Footers plugin is installed, click Settings, then click Insert Headers and Footers as shown below.

 Paste the snippet into the Scripts in Header textbox as shown below.

Click Save.

Setup complete! 🎉

If you do not have YouTube videos embedded on your site or want to add videos without using YouTube, just click the button below:

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