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Dropbox file sourcing

How to store your videos on Dropbox and deliver them via SmartVideo
Written by James Christensen
Updated 2 months ago

1. Upload your video to Dropbox.

2. Click the ellipsis and click Share.

3. Click Create link.

If you are using our WordPress plugin, simply click Copy link.

Then paste it into the Video Url field of the widget and change the 0 value at the end of the URL to 1 like so:

And that's it!

If you are not using our WordPress plugin, copy the SmartVideo tag below and paste it where you wish to embed the video.

<smartvideo src="path/to/my/video.mp4" width="1280" height="720" class="swarm-fluid" controls> </smartvideo>

Back on Dropbox, click Copy link.

Then, paste the Dropbox link into the SmartVideo HTML tag, replacing the path/to/my/video.mp4 placeholder, then change the 0 value at the end of the Dropbox URL to 1.

Your video is now ready to be embedded on your site and delivered by SmartVideo!

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