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Install SmartVideo on WordPress

Recommended installation instructions for sites built on WordPress
Written by James Christensen
Updated 1 month ago

It's never been easier to get SmartVideo installed on your WordPress site. WordPress users can now install and manage SmartVideo right from their WordPress dashboard. No more messing around with JavaScript or your site's header 🙌

Account setup

If you do NOT have a SmartVideo account yet, create one for free here. Once registered, you'll be given a unique key to access the Swarmify API. This Swarm CDN Key is required to configure your site for video delivery by Swarmify.

Installing and using the plugin

1. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard.

2. Hover over Plugins and click Add New.

3. Search SmartVideo, click Install Now, wait a beat, and click Activate.

4. Copy the CDN Key from your Swarmify Dashboard.

5. From the WordPress Admin Dashboard, click on SmartVideo, click the Configuration tab, paste your unique Swarm CDN Key into appropriate field, and click Enable SmartVideo.

6. Now click on the Settings section of the SmartVideo plugin. Here you will see the option to automatically upgrade all of those slow and distracting YouTube players with your new, clean Swarmify video player. Toggle this on if you were previously using YouTube on your website.

7. Our WordPress plugin provides a widget when you are editing your posts & pages (even in some third party builders). You should now see a SmartVideo logo at the top of your posts that looks like this:

Any time you want to insert video, you can just click that button to use our SmartVideo player. It works very similarly to inserting images. You just upload your video to your media library, select it with the widget, set the size, and you're done!

In the background the SmartVideo player is doing all the hard work for you. It's generating optimized videos that play back perfectly on every device as well as making sure that video loads instantly no matter where in the world your customers are located.

Not bad for a little bit of copy/paste and a couple of button presses.

Need some more detailed instructions for uploading a video to SmartVideo via WordPress? Checkout this article.

What happens after I install?

After enabling SmartVideo, our system will begin scanning your site for videos. If you have YouTube videos on your site, they will be automatically converted to SmartVideo.

A video can take up to 30 minutes to convert to SmartVideo depending on the length and resolution of the video file. You will know that a video has been fully converted by SmartVideo when, while hovering over the Video Acceleration icon on the player, the popup box says Video Acceleration: On

Any questions? Just send me a message via our live chat button in the bottom right corner of this page 👍

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