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SmartVideo pricing/licensing

SmartVideo deserves smart pricing
Written by Philip Arambula
Updated 3 months ago

Is pricing and licensing based on the number of sites installed on, amount of video views, or bandwidth transfer?

SmartVideo pricing/licensing is all inclusive and package-based only by the number of video views per month. This means you can place the SmartVideo script on multiple sites (those you own or manage) and choose a plan based on the number of monthly views needed collectively. 

Now compare this to nearly every other vendor in the video space:

  • Storage?  Total cost = surprise!
  • Bandwidth?  Total cost = unpredictable!
  • Encoding (based on device type and formats)?  Total cost = take a guess!
  • Player?  Total cost = $100+ per year, although sometimes included free
  • Per site licensing?  Total cost = annoying!
  • Overage penalties?  💲💲💲

Each of these individual costs is confusing, variable, and piles up!

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