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SmartVideo case study / live demo

See a real life example of SmartVideo out in the wild
Written by Philip Arambula
Updated 3 months ago

Gary from Chops.com loves uploading his animation videos to YouTube due to the distribution benefits and traffic flowing back to his website from the platform. However, Gary wanted a professional, clean playback experience when his site's visitors viewed videos. As with most site owners, Gary became discouraged early on by the need to piece every part of the video puzzle together before discovering Swarmify SmartVideo.

"What held me back from publishing native video on my site was the need to put files on my server, find a player, and stream it in 4-5 different formats, all of which is very costly and complicated to figure out. With Swarmify, everything is ready to go! Just publish the page as usual and the SmartVideo script converts all YouTube embeds on my site to much faster loading, clutter-free, professional looking video playback, effortlessly. I don't have to make any changes to my workflow whatsoever."

Here is an example of Chops' live deployment

Chops had YouTube embeds in those five spots, but SmartVideo swapped them out with a clutter-free playback experience and streams them back with our acceleration technology, automatically.

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