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SmartVideo versus YouTube

How SmartVideo differs from YouTube
Written by Philip Arambula
Updated 3 months ago

Your website is important to you, and early on when you needed video, YouTube made it easy to upload and embed on your site.  

But YouTube's goal is to get your users onto YouTube!  

YouTube accomplishes this by displaying many distractions inside their player such as: 

  • Links
  • Icons
  • Watermarks
  • Overlays
  • Ads
  • "Related" videos

All of these items link back to YouTube. At best, the YouTube player is cluttered and distracting. At worst, it's pulling visitors away from your site or showing them your competitor's content.  Even if ads and related videos can be turned off, YouTube branding, share icons, and other buttons/links still exist and look amateurish when trying to make a good first impression.  Not to mention all of the heavy-weight analytics and bloated code within the YouTube player, aggressively tracking your users and slowing down your page load speeds.

SmartVideo is designed to augment your use of YouTube by taking advantage of their easy content management and traffic generation features on the backend, but focused on creating the best end-user playback experience up-front while on your site.  SmartVideo helps business owners like you keep the traffic benefits from YouTube but offer distraction-free, accelerated, professional looking playback that loads fast and won't bog your site down.  The best part?  SmartVideo installs effortlessly with a simple script and automatically imports your past, present, and future videos embedded from YouTube, so you don't have to waste your time on it.

Your website faces the public and we are all selling, telling a story, or conveying an idea that captures and maintains our visitors attention.  You want to put your best foot forward and be worthy of your audience by fostering engagement and trust.  

What is the cost of losing even just one new client, product sale, booking, etc. per month due to YouTube hijacking your visitors' attention?

Free isn't really free. 

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