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Ad network integration

How to activate ads with SmartVideo
Written by James Christensen
Updated 2 months ago

Recommended method:

Visit the Configuration tool in your Swarmify Dashboard. This tool will allow you to add a VAST URL, outputting a new script to replace your old script in your site's header.

If you want to edit the script in your header manually (not recommended):

  1. Add plugins.swarmads.adTagUrl to the SmartVideo snippet in the header of your site
  2. Include your VAST URL in the snippet after adTAGUrl

Example configuration: 

var swarmoptions = {
  swarmcdnkey: "YOUR_APP_KEY", // your API key - mandatory
  plugins: {
    swarmads: {
      adTagUrl: "YOUR_VAST_URL" // something like 

If you experience any issues, please give us a shout via live chat on our site!

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