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Customize player color

How to change the color of the SmartVideo player
Written by James Christensen
Updated 2 months ago

As you can probably tell from our site: we love yellow 💛

But, we know you have certain colors that you love too. That's why, with SmartVideo, you can change the accent color of the player!

Just follow the simple instructions below :

If you're using the SmartVideo plugin for WordPress:

Simply visit the SmartVideo plugin Settings menu and click Select Color. From here you can choose a color using the color picker, or type a hex code in the text box. Then click Save Settings.

If you're not using the plugin for WordPress:

Visit the Configuration tool in your Swarmify Dashboard. This tool will allow you to change the color of your player, outputting a new script to replace your old script in your site's head tag.

If you want to manually edit the script in your head tag (not recommended):

Note: this method will not work if you have SmartVideo enabled on your site via our WordPress plugin.

1. Add this snippet to the SmartVideo script in the head tag of your site:

theme: {
    primaryColor: "YOUR_HEX_CODE"

2. Replace YOUR_HEX_CODE with the hex code corresponding to the color of your choice. (Here's a simple site to help find a color: https://html-color-codes.info/)

Example configuration :

<script data-cfasync="false">
    var swarmoptions = {
        theme: {
            primaryColor: "YOUR_HEX_CODE"
        autoreplace: {
            youtube: true
<script data-cfasync="false" src="//assets.swarmcdn.com/cross/swarmdetect.js"></script>

If you still are experience issues or need some help, please give us a shout by clicking the button in the bottom right corner of this page!

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