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Automatic Vimeo Conversions

How SmartVideo's automatic Vimeo conversions work
Written by James Christensen
Updated 2 months ago

Once you install SmartVideo on your site using our WordPress plugin or by simply pasting our snippet into your site's header, SmartVideo begins scanning for YouTube videos. Any videos found will be displayed in our clean, fast-loading SmartVideo player automatically, requiring no extra work on your part.

When a page with a video loads for the first time, it tells SmartVideo to fetch that video, encode it, and store it on our network. From then on, the video is hosted on our global delivery network and served via our accelerated playback technology.

How do I turn automatic conversions on?

Automatic Vimeo conversions are turned on by default. If you have downloaded our SmartVideo plugin for WordPress, you can make sure the feature is on by visiting the Settings tab and checking to make sure Auto-convert YouTube & Vimeo videos is checked (as shown below).

If the box is not checked, simply check it and click Save Settings.

If you have pasted our SmartVideo snippet into your site's header using one of our other installation methods, just make sure the snippet includes:

autoreplace: {
            youtube: true

If it doesn't, we recommend using our configuration tool to regenerate the script properly.

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