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How to add a video to your non-WordPress website

How to make use of the simple, yet powerful SmartVideo tag
Written by James Christensen
Updated 2 months ago

If you do not have the SmartVideo script installed in your site's header, venture over to the Install SmartVideo on your site collection in our Help Center and choose the platform your site is built on. Once you've installed the script, head back to this page to learn about our SmartVideo tag.

If you do have our script installed in your site's header, keep reading to learn how to take advantage of the power of our SmartVideo tag!

The SmartVideo tag is the optimal way to use our delivery platform on your site if you aren't taking advantage of our WordPress plugin.

When you should use it:

  • You don't have our plugin for WordPress installed
  • You want the absolute fastest load times for your pages and videos 
  • You want the most resilient, accelerated playback experience available

How to use it:

The script you installed in your site's header includes everything necessary for creating a professional video experience on your site. The SmartVideo tag unlocks our video player, optimizing video playback on your site. An example of what the SmartVideo player looks like in live demo form can be seen at swarmify.com. To utilize our player, just insert the following HTML wherever you want your videos to appear:

<smartvideo src="path/to/my/video.mp4" width="1280" height="720" 
class="swarm-fluid" controls></smartvideo>

Our script installed in your site's header will serve an accelerated, clean video experience to your visitors wherever it sees a SmartVideo tag.

For help configuring the SmartVideo tag for your site's needs, visit our SmartVideo tag options article.

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